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Celebrate A Grandparent With A Custom T-Shirt

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A special piece of clothing can be a good gift for a grandparent, especially if you're keen on giving something that will have a big impact. While it's easy to buy a "World's Best Grandparent" shirt at any number of retailers, such garments lack a personal touch. A better option is to find a custom apparel company and come up with a design that can go on a T-shirt. You might be pursuing this idea for your own grandparent, but you can also take on this project for your children so that they can give the shirt to their grandparent. Here are some designs that can be fun.

List Of Favorite Activities

There's a good chance that your children love doing a lot of different things with their grandparent. This light might include fishing, baking, watching sports, playing board games, and more. Have your children compile a list of their favorite activities, and then design the garment to highlight this list. For example, the shirt may have a message such as "Favorite Activities Together," followed by the list. The more items that your kids can add to the list, the more of a personal touch the shirt will have.

Grandchildren's Names

If you're ordering a custom shirt that several grandchildren can give to their grandparent, another idea is for the shirt to depict the name of each child and perhaps a message from them. Depending on the printing company's capabilities, you may be able to have each of the children write their name and a message with a marker on a piece of paper, and then scan these messages to include in the T-shirt design. Seeing their grandchildren's actual handwriting on the shirt will be special for the grandparent, especially as the kids get older.

Photo Together

You also have the option of designing a custom T-shirt that features a picture of the grandchildren and their grandparent. While you could use a formal posed image for this purpose, it may be a better choice to use a candid image. People often look more relaxed in candid shots, which can be a good fit for a garment such as a T-shirt. If you have an image of the grandparent and all their grandchildren doing something together, this image can work well. Otherwise, you might wish to use a collage of images that show the grandparent interacting with each of their grandchildren in different ways.

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