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2 Ways to Eliminate Lunchtime Waste

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If you have begun packing your lunch and bringing it to work instead of eating lunch out to save money, then you may worry that your new lunch habit is harming the planet. The truth is that packing your lunch can be an environmentally friendly habit when you commit to producing as little lunchtime waste as possible. 

Read on to learn two ways to eliminate lunchtime waste and make packing your lunch more environmentally friendly. 

1. Skip the Brown Paper Bag

One of the easiest ways to make packing your lunch more environmentally friendly is to trade in the brown disposable paper bags you typically pack your lunch in for a reusable lunch box. This small change in your lunchtime habit can reduce your lunchtime waste greatly. 

In addition, reusable lunch bags offer many benefits that you cannot obtain from a simple paper bag. Many are available with insulation that helps keep your cold lunch foods cooler and fresher, and you can also find lunch bags with various handle and strap style styles. In fact, one lunch bag strap style is the cross-body strap that allows you to carry your lunch on your hip while keeping your hands free to carry any other items you desire. 

If you think that there are no stylish lunch bag options on the market today, then think again. You can now find many fashionable lunch bag options produced with high-quality luxury materials that you are likely used to seeing on only designer-look handbags and luxury totes. 

2. Embrace Re-Usable Containers and Cutlery

Another way to eliminate lunchtime waste the ends up in landfills is to purchase small, reusable containers to store your lunch foods in instead of packing them in disposable plastic baggies and other throwaway containers. You can also place small portions of food items you purchase in bulk inside of these containers instead of purchasing items in costly and non-environmentally friendly single-serve packages.

Single-serve style packaging is bad for the environment. In fact, food and beverage packages are one of the five most common items found among litter on beaches throughout the country, and many single-serve packages are not made of recyclable materials. 

In addition, switch out the plastic, disposable cutlery for a set of traditional silverware you can simply store in your reusable lunch bag until you return home and, to cut waste even further, swap paper napkins for cloth ones you can simply throw in the clothes hamper when you return home. 

If you have begun packing your lunch for work to stop wasting money on over-priced takeout and restaurant lunch foods, then use these two tips to help eliminate lunchtime waste that can make some packed lunches less environmentally friendly than others. To learn more, contact companies that sell gray luxury lunch bags.