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Making Sure Your Dog Can Be Found It They Get Out

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When you have a dog, there are certain things that you'll want to do in order to make sure they remain healthy and safe. One of the important things that you need to think about is how you would get your dog back if they got out and were lost. Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that you would be able to find your dog if they were to get lost. 

Have your dog microchipped

You can take your dog to the vet and have them microchipped. When your dog is 'chipped,' a microchip is inserted under their skin. It is usually placed between their shoulder blades. This microchip contains information about you, such as how to contact you should your dog be lost. 

When your dog has a chip, someone who finds them can bring them into a vet's office or a humane society. They can then scan the dog for a chip and your contact information will show up. This way, they can call you and let you know they have your dog. It is very important that you make sure you update the contact information anytime it changes so that you can be reached should your dog get out and be picked up.

Have tags made for your dog

You will also want to have tags made for your dog that will go on their collar. The tags should be made of a material that is very strong and has an engraving that will last. The information on the tags should include your dog's name and one or two phone numbers that can be called when someone finds your dog. Also, if your dog takes medication, this should be stated on the tags so people know how important it is to call you immediately after the dog is found. 

Have a quality collar on your dog

Since the tags are so important, you need to make sure the collar they are wearing is a quality one that fits correctly. You don't want to put a collar on them that is easy to break or that can be ruined easily. You may want to opt for a bright collar, so if someone sees your dog from a distance they will notice it has a collar. This way, they will know they can try to get the dog to their owner. For example, you may opt for a bright pink waterproof dog collar. The pink will be easy to see and the fact that it is waterproofed means it will last even if your dog is caught in the rain or takes a swim in a local lake.