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3 Useful Tips When Selecting A Collar For Your Beloved Dog

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When you walk your dog around the park or neighborhood, they need to have a collar on. Otherwise, they may go off without warning and cause you a lot of headaches. When looking for the right collar for your beloved dog, these tips are useful to consider. 

1. Measure Your Dog's Neck Size 

One of the most important attributes to get down perfectly with a dog collar is size. Selecting one that's too large will result in the dog slipping right out. Conversely, too small of a collar could choke your dog and cause it unnecessary harm.

So that none of these problems occur, you need to first measure your dog's neck size. Use a flexible measuring tape to see what the diameter of their neck is in inches. Having this measurement, you'll know exactly what size of collar to choose. Just make sure you can fit at least two fingers underneath the collar for their safety. 

2. Select an Appropriate Design 

Today, there are predominantly two different styles you can select in a collar. You can either select one that goes directly around your dog's neck or one that fits their entire body. There are advantages to both.

For instance, traditional collars that fit around the neck are extremely easy to put on. All you have to do is slip it around their neck. Traditional collars also don't cost as much as full-body collars because they're made of fewer materials.

Full-body collars, often referred to as harnesses, are ideal if you want complete control of your dog. When your dog backs up or jumps forward really fast, the full-body design prevents your dog from choking. As mentioned earlier, these collars do cost more because of their additional materials.

3. Try Collars On In Person 

Now, you can certainly buy dog collars online and experience a hassle-free process. However, if you want to be sure the collar looks and fits great for your particular dog, you should consider buying one in person.

Whether it's at a local pet store or a big-chain pet supplier, having your dog try on collars in person helps you avoid buyer's remorse. You can keep trying on different options until you find the perfect match. You also get the chance to test out the collar's features in real time.

There are so many great collar options for dogs today. So that the one you select is the perfect investment, make sure you keep in mind the factors that you think matter the most to you and your dog. For more information on finding a unique collar, such as needlepoint dog collars, contact your local pet accessories shop today!