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Make A Statement With These Bold And Trendy Hat Choices

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Wearing a hat is one of the best ways to change your look. While you might have an endless number of outfits, your friends might not be used to you wearing to you wearing something on your head, so a new hat is a great way to shake things up. But you will want to choose a hat that is in style.


You might overlook the beret because you don't want to look like you're trying to imitate a Parisian, but there are many ways you can wear a beret that does not give off this vibe. The formal way to wear a beret is straight across your forehead. But you can experiment with different positions to give your beret a different look. Also, avoid wearing a bun or ponytail with a beret. Also, consider pairing your beret up with a fishnet veil.

Baseball Caps

You don't have to wear a baseball cap only to look sporty. Depending on what you pair your baseball cap up with, you can look chic and fashion forward. Make sure to choose a baseball cap that is plain. Logos immediately draw attention away from the rest of your outfit.

Leather Biker Hats

If you'd like to try something bolder, pair your outfit with a leather biker hat. They have been popping up all over the style scene. Regular leather versions will give you a 90s look.


There's nothing wrong with giving yourself a western look while in New York or Seattle. Fashion designers like Loewe have been releasing stetsons that can fit any type of outfit, regardless of whether you are wearing a western getup or a sundress.

Bucket Hats

If you want to take a risk, bucket hats are one of the more controversial fashion choices you can pick. Many brands have embraced the bucket hat, giving you a variety of items to choose from, regardless of whether you want the camouflage look or a leather hat.

High Concept Hats

While following the trends is a great way to build confidence in your fashion choices, you should also think about ways that you can express your individuality. These types of hats are referred to as high-concept hats. They are meant to stun and are best worn to special events. They are a great conversation starter. But make sure to wear this type of hat at an event where you will be respected rather than an event where you will raise eyebrows.

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