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Getting It Right When Handing Out Business-Branded Apparel

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Handing out promotional material for your business can be a big task. Business merchandising material is expensive, so it is best to get it done right so that you can see returns on your investment and gain a new customer, not just give out free stuff to people who happened to pass by.

Brand Identity

Distributing business apparel means that you are giving people a visual of what your company is and people will become curious as to what the company does. Your company becomes "visible" and if you have enough people wearing your apparel, eventually it becomes recognizable to consumers. These visuals will stand out in terms of logos, colors, fonts, and designs. You can also create a culture around high quality by making sure your apparel is of a high quality, too. Consider custom dri fit printing on high-quality materials to have the best impact on your brand.

Free Marketing

Some people wear branded apparel without even recognizing and realizing that it is considered advertising and they are in essence promoting a brand. If you want a person to effortlessly wear your apparel, it is important that you get the right sizes. If you're going to print T-shirts, rather than doing standard sizes, you should consider getting sizes for both men and women. If you're going to do hats for men, you should consider scarves for women or hats for them. Keep it even and choose the right sizes so that people will wear them without thinking twice about it. Think about whether your logo sizes need to change as the size of the apparel goes up; custom dri fit printing makes this easy.

Right Location

Rather than distributing them randomly on the streets, you should always distribute business apparel with a sense of purpose. If you are going to distribute them on the streets, then you should consider distributing fliers and inviting people in for a free gift. Distributing them randomly just means that people are not going to appreciate the real purpose of the apparel. If you get your business to set up a booth at the trade show, it is possible that you will make a lasting and good impression on prospective customers. Furthermore, if you distribute it in store to current customers you benefit from free advertisement and they are more likely to refer a friend, especially if the apparel is of a high quality. You can also consider having a customer appreciation day to distribute the material.