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Show Your Class Pride! Senior Class Wearables On Sale In Your School Office Now

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You have finally made it! Thirteen years of school, from Kindergarten to Senior year, is almost behind you. What you do next is up to you. Yet, part of you still wants to celebrate your Senior year, and you can do that with all of the following wearable items. Your class can decide as a group which items to sell, and the partnering companies even let you keep some of the sales profits for Seniors-only events.

Class Rings

Class rings are something you can buy at the end of your Junior year. It usually takes the school ring company that long to make all the rings ordered and then deliver them at the beginning of your Senior year. The best part is that you get to personalize your ring with different motifs. If your birthstone just happens to be one of your school colors, that is even better because then it looks more like a class ring. Expect to spend a minimum of a hundred dollars on the basic style, all the way up to seven hundred dollars for solid gold and a genuine precious stone.

Class Shirts

Senior class shirts are a fun way to show your school spirit on game days or during the week leading up to graduation. You could wear the shirt anytime really. Most of them are T-shirts that are designed by the Senior class, voted on by your class, and then printed by a T-shirt printing company. Sometimes the same company that prints the yearbook and does class rings will also do Senior shirts. It just depends on who your school goes through for these items.

School Letter Jackets

In high school, you can letter in just about anything. Most of the jocks and jockettes letter in sports, but you can letter in forensics, drama club, orchestra, choir, etc.. If you get a letter or special school pin awards, where are you going to put them? Most of your peers are going to put them on a letter jacket. You can choose a lightweight jacket, an all-wool jacket, or a wool jacket with leather sleeves. It just depends on what you want to spend, and how many letters you have to sew onto the jacket. 

The lightweight jackets are the cheapest but have the least space for letters. The all-wool jackets have enough room the chest, back, and even shoulders to place your letters. The most expensive jacket, the one with leather arms, only allows you to put letters on the back and small letters on the chest.

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