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3 Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Waist Trainer

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Waist trainers are popular devices that are used to create the illusion of a smaller waistline. If you are thinking about purchasing a celebrity waist trainer, there are ways to help you select the right one for your needs:

Know Its Limitations

Waist trainers can be used to improve your aesthetics by being worn under garments to give you the illusion of a flatter stomach and smoother back, much like shapewear. Some people also wear waist trainers when they are in the process of losing weight or during their exercise routine to slim their abdomen. Realistically, a waist trainer will not help you spot reduce excess fat on your abdomen or back. It can help reduce water weight that can make your abdomen appear larger than normal, especially after eating salty food or if you experience bloating during your menstrual period. These results are temporary but can be helpful if you have a special event later in the evening and you want to fit into a specific outfit. Serious waist training requires a corset with steel boning, which is often more expensive than a waist trainer, but will yield better compression and results.

Buy The Right Size

Buying the right size is critical for a waist trainer to be helpful and prevent unnecessary discomfort. You will need to measure the largest point on your abdomen to achieve an accurate fit. A waist trainer should be sized to give you light to moderate compression. If you feel pain, cannot take a deep breath, or feel nauseated, your waist trainer may be too small. You may need to change sizes frequently if you are losing weight or gaining muscle. Many waist trainers are adjustable, so your waist can increase or decrease in size by several inches and you can easily use the same device.

Think About The Material

The material used to make your waist trainer is important depending on how you use the device. If you will use your waist trainer during workouts, you want an inner fabric that is breathable and wicks away moisture, especially if you will not wear it over clothing. You should also choose a waist trainer that can be washed in the washing machine since you will likely need to wash it frequently to prevent odor. If you are wearing your waist trainer as a type of shapewear, the inner fabric may be less important. You just want to choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear for long hours. The outer fabric and details can be more important because you likely want something that does not show through your clothing. Choose a waist trainer with a smooth exterior and try pairing it with clothing that is flowy and drapes nicely to conceal your waist trainer.

Waist trainers are excellent tools to improve how you look in clothing and to reduce bloating. Finding the appropriate waist trainer for your needs will be more comfortable and fit your needs.