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Creating A Beach-Inspired Living Room: Four Ways To Accessorize Your Space

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When you are ready to give your living room a new look, buy home decor products to fit the theme. For a beach-inspired design theme, consider the following ideas to truly give your space that fresh, ocean-side feel.

Choose Muted Tones

The key to creating a coastal look is to go for muted tones. Soft blues and greens, along with shades of beige and white, bring a fresh, crisp look to your space. Consider blown glass vases in blue and green to accent coffee and console tables, and choose mirrors with driftwood frames for a light, airy feel. The mirrors can also help to make your room appear larger than it actually is, particularly when they are placed opposite the windows in the room.

Play With Sea-Inspired Designs

A beach-inspired theme in your living room gives you a chance to have a bit of fun with your decor. Look for lamps with seahorse or starfish bases, or opt for lamps with shades featuring fish patterns. Throw pillows with images of seashells can bring a soft feel to your sofas while continuing the seaside theme, and actual seashells make beautiful decor accents. Look for wall art with fish designs, or choose wall hangings featuring lifesavers to bring a nautical element to the room.

Find Inspiration In Surprising Places

Don't just look for decor pieces with fish or sea life printed on them. Look for inspiration from a number of home decor objects. Apothecary jars can make beautiful candle holders, and fish bowls filled with colored glass beads can create a stunning centerpiece for a coffee table or fireplace mantel. Get creative with lighting accessories by painting a chandelier or set of white sconces, or use vintage boat oars as wall decor in the room.

Don't Forget Floor Coverings

One way to anchor the decor in your beach-inspired living room is to choose a large floor covering that fits the color theme. A plush white carpet can bring a luxurious feel to your floors, while a low-pile rug with a Moroccan trellis print in blue and white creates an instant focal point in the room. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns between your floor coverings, sofas, and throw pillows for a unique look in the room.

Visit your local home decor shop to discover different accessories to fit your theme, and have fun shopping for beautiful coastal-themed accessories to create that straight-from-the-beach feel you want for your home.