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Packing The Basics: Five Ways To Wear A Leotard During Your Vacation

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Want to save some space in your suitcase? Choose garments and apparel that are versatile and that can be worn for many different occasions, affairs, and activities. A perfect example of a versatile piece of clothing is a leotard; these come in many colors and fabrics, so shop online for the widest selection.

Five ways to wear a leotard during your vacation are:

1. Daytime ensemble. Pair your leotard with a silky sarong for the perfect ensemble to wear throughout your vacation. This outfit feels good, and the leotard keeps everything tight and supported. Tuck sleeveless, short, or long-sleeve leotards in your suitcase for vacation days spent shopping, sightseeing, or lounging in the sun.

2. Pool fashion. If you are not a big-swimmer, consider wearing your leotard to the pool with your cute cover-ups. These are flattering and modest, so they are perfect for all body-types. While these are not the best thing to wear in the water, they make excellent alternatives to bathing suits when you want to get a little sun.

3. Flattering shapewear. Even if you don't need shapewear, a leotard provides the extra little bit of support that will make your cocktail dress look even better or your jeans fit better. It is the perfect undergarment for formal dinners or a night at the club; folks will ask if you lost weight during your time away! Wear under any garments to feel firm and tight, even when you might splurge on a vacation!

4. Club look. Wear a sexy black or white leotard with your favorite skinny-jeans when heading out for a night of dancing or clubbing. These are very flattering, creating a longer, leaner you when worn with pants. Complement with heels and some chunky jewelry for the perfect, comfortable night time look- that is also perfect for dancing!

5. Outdoor recreation. A leotard is also the perfect thing to wear with your shorts, sweats, and athletic shoes for outdoor activities. The snug-fit will support you during rigorous physical exercise, and it helps keep your core strong by putting pressure on your back. After working out, simply soak the leotard in your hotel or cabin sink and hang in the shower to dry, so it is fresh for the next day; the more Lycra in your leotard, the faster it will dry.

Tuck a few leotards in your suitcase for your upcoming vacation. With so many different ways to wear them, these are the perfect garment that can be used for multiple occasions and that takes up little space in your luggage. Contact a company like Lea Marie for more information and assistance.