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Three Benefits Of Unique Lycra Leggings

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Unique lycra leggings are blowing up the ads on social media these days. These tempting one-click ads depict leggings with famous cartoon characters, scenes of unicorns, rainbows and galaxies, and even fun holiday prints. If you have been tempted to click on these ads while perusing social media, you are not alone. No one would fault you for it either, given that these unique leggings provide you with some benefits traditional leggings do not.

Wider Range of Sizes

When you buy womens boutique leggings online, you have a much wider range of sizes. Brick and mortar stores tend to focus on small to extra large sizes, skipping over women who are really petite or very full-figured. If you do not fall within the usual range of sizes, you cannot purchase the legging prints you really love. However, online you can get sizes from extra-extra-small to 5X, which means if you want to sport leggings splattered with rainbows, you can regardless of your size.

All Polyester Lycra, All the Time

Most of the unique leggings you see advertised online through social media are made of polyester lycra. They have the most give, and are the most forgiving of materials when it comes to leggings. Other leggings are made of a combination of cotton and lycra or stretch velvet. Even though these materials tend to make dressier and warmer leggings, they really are not as unique or fun. They also contain less lycra fibers, which means you have to buy a size that is larger than what you normally wear to get a truer fit.

Fewer Holes and Snags

Plainer leggings made with cotton tend to snag and unravel just like nylon stockings. These get holes in them faster than if you had sat on several sharp objects. With the unique polyester leggings, you could get some pucker spots in the fabric when sharp objects catch on the leggings, but it is much more difficult to snag them and put holes in them. So, not only do you get something really fashionable and cute to wear, you get leggings that last longer than leggings made with other materials.

Deals and Steals Buying Leggings Online

Better still, buying women's leggings online usually results in some deals and steals. First-time customers who click through an online ad get between ten and thirty percent off their first order, depending on which company they order their leggings from. If you spot some leggings in an ad that you absolutely cannot refuse, why not buy them for yourself today?