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How To Create A Distinctive Look At Your Next Formal Affair

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Are you going on a cruise where you'll need to dress formally for dinner? Perhaps you've been invited to an elegant dinner party or to the theater. No matter the reason, if you want to stand out in your appearance, here are some ideas that will help you to create a distinctive look.

Be Both Bold And Classy - Yes you can stand out in a crowd without looking brash. Instead, think of ways that you can combine drama and class at the same time.

  • What is your favorite color? Is it a bright color like red , purple or turquoise? You'll probably gravitate to your favorite color while you're shopping without even giving it a second thought. However, you may want to use those bold colors more as accent pieces.
  • For example, think about selecting women's black tuxedo pants to begin your shopping. Yes, a black skirt would also be nice, but it wouldn't be that different. You're looking for a distinctive look, remember.
  • The great thing about black tuxedo pants is that they will go with pretty much anything you want to wear on the top. Try different styles on to see which look the best on you. You may want stove pipe pants that elongate your legs or you may want fuller ones the give your outfit movement.
  • If you've selected the tuxedo pants, consider what you want for the top. A black tunic would be amazing. A white ruffled silk blouse is another good choice. If you want color, go with one of your favorite bright hues. A black camisole with a bright jacket would also be lovely.

​Add Detail To Your Outfit - It is often the little things that create a unique look.

  • Select your jewelry to go with the mood you want. For example, for a Grace Kelly look, select pearls. For a Marilyn Monroe look, select diamonds, even if they're not the real thing.
  • Don't let your purse be a distraction to the rest of your ensemble. Choose a sleek little clutch. Select black or the color of the top you're going to wear. Think of the jewelry you've chosen. For example, if you chose pearls, look for a clasp that will complement them. If you've chosen a diamond look, that would be great for the clasp for your evening bag, too.
  • Strappy black high heels will be very sophisticated and even sexy. However, if you're not comfortable in heels, choose a classic ballet flat like Audrey Hepburn would wear.

Don't forget to have somebody take your picture. It will always bring back memories of the time you stole the show.