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Choosing Comfortable Yet Stylisth Shoes For Your Wide Feet

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If you love style and mile-high shoes but you have wide feet, you can feel extremely limited in what you can wear. Your feet need ample support to make your arch and heels feel comfortable, so you need to be picky about what you wear for hours on end. A pedorthist is a foot specialist whose sole job is to help you choose footwear and accessories for your foot condition so you can live in comfort with every step you take. Working with your podiatrist, they can help you learn how to pick the right stylish shoes for your feet so you can be both comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Running shoes

Running shoes should have round or square toe box to comfortably fit your toes without scrunching them or making them overlap. If you have wide feet but narrow heels, your pedorthist can recommend heel inserts that can make wider shoes fit more snugly on your heels. When choosing running shoes, opt for styles with built-in arches and a base wide enough to keep the sides of your feet from feeling cramped within.


Choosing heels when you have wide feet can be a challenge, but there are many lovely styles that can fit comfortably without making your feet ache. Opt for wedge or thick heels rather than stiletto styles. The wider or thicker the heel, the more floor support you have for your arches. Your pedorthist can help you choose gel arch support inserts or sole support inserts that can allow you to wear very high heels for longer periods of time. Try to avoid styles with tight toe boxes, such as pointed shoes or oval toes. If you feel a wider toe box in a heel is too boxy, opt for an open-toe or peep toe style for a feminine appeal.


If you feel like you have duck feet every time you wear flats, then you are choosing the wrong shoes. The best flats are boxy or round-toed in style, which can make you feel like your wide feet are being put on display. You can remedy this by choosing flats that have a stripe or geometric print pattern, which helps to break up the overall design of your shoes. Since flats often lack arch support, have your pedorthist create custom injection plastic shoe inserts so you can have the support you need. These inserts can be used in all your footwear to make them as comfortable as they are trendy.

Just because you have wide feet doesn't mean you have to compromise your personal style. Use this guide to pick out the best shoes for your feet, whether you want heels or running shoes. You can look for comfort shoes at Foster's Wide Shoes or another, similar store.