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Care Tips For Silk

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Silk is a natural fiber that is relished in any wardrobe. Known for its super smooth and shiny texture, silk is sought after in many high-end pieces, including wedding dresses, dress shirts, and ties. Caring for silk requires a keen eye and a delicate hand. Here are tips for keeping silk well-cared for.


When hanging silk pieces in your closet, always try to hang them up to avoid creasing the material's fibers. Press damp silk prior to hanging to allow it to set properly while in storage and maintain its original shape. Silk also needs to breathe in order to retain its luster, so don't put it in a plastic bag or other covering when you put pieces away. Silk is best hung in a dark closet on a padded clothes hanger away from other clothing to prevent snagging, fading, and wrinkling.


It is always best to take your silk pieces to a dry cleaner to have them professionally steamed and dried. Silk maintains its shining appeal when it is washed and rinsed under the same temperature, be it heat or cold. Your dry cleaner specialist can properly launder your silk trousers, shirts, dresses, and ties so they keep their luster for longer periods of time.

Wearing silk

Silk is meant to be enjoyed, and you should wear your silk often. Since it is a breathable material, it can be worn in nearly any temperature. Just be careful to avoid getting your silk fabrics wet. If you do get them wet or get a food or beverage stain on your silk, try not to wipe at the fabric aggressively, lest you risk pulling at the tender fibers. Remove your silk attire and gently dab at the stain with a gentle detergent or shampoo, then hang it in a cool room to dry. Never wring water out of a silk article of clothing—allow it to dry on a hanger and then take your silk piece to a dry cleaner as soon as you can for proper cleaning.

Owning silk clothing and accessories is a luxury, and you can enjoy your pieces for a long time if you take great care to keep your silk looking beautiful. While silk does need some extra care, such as dry cleaning and special storage, it is overall a very sturdy type of natural material. With the right care, you can enjoy your silk pieces and always have the perfect attire to wear to an event or special occasion.