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The Four Pairs Of Shoes You Must Have In Your Collection This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner. Is your shoe collection ready? It's time to put away those spring rain boots and bulky sneakers, and start shopping for sandals and stylish flats. If you want your feet to look fab every day of this season, make sure you have these four pairs of shoes in your rotation:

Embellished Flip Flops

Flip flops are here to stay, both as casual beachwear and as everyday shoes. Choose a nice, embellished flip flop with a faux flower or some beading on the strap, and you can wear it everywhere with your sundresses and shorts. Flip flops are always a safe bet when ordering shoes online, since the sizes don't have to be too specific.

Neutral Sandals with Some Support

When you're out for a long walk around a new city or along the boardwalk, you're going to want some support in your shoes so your feet don't get sore. A sturdy pair of sandals that fastens securely to your foot is a great choice. Look for a pair with a somewhat thick, rubberized sole, and this will help prevent soreness. Some sandals even have arch support, which is a great choice if you have had problems with sore arches or feet in the past. Make sure you choose these sandals in a neutral color like brown or black, so they go with everything.

Colorful Flats

Sometimes, you're just going to want to let loose and embrace the warm summer weather! A pair of colorful flats offers more foot coverage that the average sandal, so you can wear them on rougher terrain without worrying about scrapes and scratches. They add a splash of interest to a black-and-white outfit, or provide an extra colorful element in a rainbow-inspired ensemble.

Slip-On Sneaker Clogs

Have you ever struggled to choose the right footwear for an outdoor concert? You want to look cute, but summer sandals result in your toes getting stepped on! Slip-on, clog-style sneakers are the perfect choice. When done in white with a hint of red or orange, they look very summery, and they offer some foot protection when you're cheering for your favorite band amidst a mosh pit.

With the shoes above in your collection, you're ready for all of the fun that summer has to offer. Remember, you don't have to stick to just one of each of these shoe types. If you find a few pairs of flip flops or slide-on sneaks that you love, go for it! Summer is the time to live it up. Check out stores, such as Ecco Shoes Arches Shoe Store, for some summer footwear inspiration.