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How to Care for Ultra-Soft, Flowy T-Shirts

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T-shirts are highly versatile pieces of clothing. They can be worn when you want to be comfortable as you lounge around the house. They can also be used to make fashion statements. Purchasing high-quality T-shirts is the first step to fashion success. However, you must properly care for your shirts to get the most out of them. Here are four tips that will help you care for your favorite ultra-soft, flowy T-shirts.

Wash with cold water

A men's ultra-soft flowy tee comes in many colors, from neutral black and white to more vibrant hues. Hot water can encourage the dye to run. Keep your shirts from fading by washing them in cold water. Modern laundry detergents will get your clothing clean without the aid of hot water, so you don't have to worry about your shirts remaining dirty. Use the cold or cool setting on your washing machine to protect your favorite shirts.

Keep your jeans out of the washing machine

Tossing all your clothes into the washing machine at once may sound like a good idea. However, washing your t-shirts with heavy items can damage them. Jeans, jackets, and other bulky pieces of clothing can snag or tear your t-shirts. Your T-shirts may get stretched out if you wash them with heavy garments. Protect your flowy T-shirts by washing them with other lightweight fabrics. You can even wash them using your washing machine's delicate cycle if you want to be extra careful.

Hang your shirts to dry

Ultra-soft, flowy T-shirts are flattering due to their unique cut. These shirts can hide a bulging belly, allowing you to look slimmer. Don't let your flowy T-shirt shrink in the dryer. Preserve their fit by hanging them up and allowing them to air dry. T-shirts can dry within a few hours on a warm day. By skipping the dryer cycle, you'll save money on your electric bill while taking care of your shirts.

Turn your shirts inside out before ironing them

T-shirts can wrinkle if they're improperly stored. Even folding a T-shirt can crease it in unwanted ways. You can remove wrinkles from your T-shirts using an iron set to the lowest heat setting. Fill it with water to gently steam wrinkles out of your shirts. If your men's T-shirt features screen printed graphics, you should turn it inside out before ironing it. Direct iron contact can melt screen printing ink, damaging your favorite shirt.